1 Liter Jasmine With Screw Caps

Features of 1 LiterTransparent  JASMINE Bottle with screw cap

  • Packaging container Color:Transparent
  • Neck size: 28mm
  • Size: 1 Liter



Features of 1 Liter transparent jasmine with screw cap

This 1 Liter transparent jasmine with screw cap is ideal for your beverage packaging such as healthy juice, smoothies, zobo, tigernut juice and other related beverages. It has a 28mm neck size which allows your cap to be screwed easily unto the bottle.

Quality Packaging Container

If you are looking for quality packaging containers that are durable for your beverage packaging without any spillage or leakage, this is the packaging container for you.

You can manually screw your cap unto your bottle and it will seal properly if you are just starting out in the beverage industry and do not have capping machines and automated filling machines.

In addition, it is very durable and will hold give your product a long shelf life without any damage to the bottle.

This bottle is available for your purchase and can be delivered to you anywhere within Nigeria and also neighboring African countries.

Additional Instruction on Bottle handling

Kindly ensure that bottles and containers are properly rinsed with clean water before filling them with your juice or other beverage you intend to package and kept in a cool environment.

Minimum Order Quantity for I liter Jasmine bottle

No minimum order quantity for this product., you can purchase any quantity of your choice.

Scope and Timelines for Delivery for 1 Liter Jasmine bottle

We deliver our products to all states in Nigeria, as well as other neighboring African countries in partnership with our logistics partners. We deliver products within two (2) to seven (7) working days for nationwide delivery.

Recycling of Packaging Containers

As part of our sustainability effort to keep the environment free of plastics, we are working  on ensuring that the plastic packaging materials we have on our platform will be reduced to 5% in 2025 as we would have alternative packaging materials for all categories that are bio degradable and Eco friendly.

Weight 0.025 kg
Cap Colors

Black, Cream, Orange, Lemon, Green

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