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250ml Opaque Plastic Bottle JASMIN With Spray Gun

Features of 250ml Opaque Plastic Bottle JASMIN with spray gun

  • Pet Plastic Color: White
  • Neck size: 28mm
  • Product weight: 43 grammes

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250ml opaque Plastic Bottle JASMIN with Spray Gun

This 25cl (250ml) white pet plastic bottle comes with a spray gun. It can be used for surface cleaners, air fresheners, as well as other related spray products packaging. Also, the spray guns are available in various colours.

Features of 250ml opaque plastic bottle

Users can package household sprays and fragrances with this 250ml opaque pet plastic bottle and spray gun. It is white in color. Furthermore, it has a 28mm neck which allows the cap to be easily screwed unto the bottle.  In addition, it is very durable and will hold your product for a very long time without damage to the product.

Minimum Order Quantity for 250ml plastic bottle

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for this product is 100 pieces.

Scope and Timelines for Delivery for 250ml plastic bottle

We deliver our products to all states in Nigeria, as well as other countries. We deliver products to customers within two(2) to seven(7) working days for nationwide delivery, and seven(7) to fourteen (14) working days for worldwide delivery.

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